Share Your Ideas and See The Results

Randy Morrow

Share Your Ideas and See the Results

We see this a lot in the real estate business, people do not want to share their ideas.  “No, it’s my idea, if I share it with you, you will use it and take away my business.”  Or something similar to that.

The idea behind this (Jim Rohn inspired me) is that the more you share, the more you have to give.  Because when you give, it leaves room for more ideas to blossom from within you.  This will inspire the giver to come up with fresh and more inspiring ideas.  And the more fresh and inspired the giver feels, the more successful they will be!!

Now, let’s apply this to divorce.  What if you have an idea and aren’t sure what to do?  The same thing as above, with one exception; one very important exception:

Keep the ‘POOR ME’ tone out of your voice (remember, I’m not giving you advice on something I haven’t done myself).  In fact, say it out loud before you ever talk to someone.

Then, share your idea with 10 others.  Each one of these people will hear you once; but, YOU will hear it ten times and after you have heard yourself say this ten times, the idea will sound wonderful or you will start to wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea in the first place!!

Keep an idea to yourself?  I think not.


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