Experience May …

Experience May Not Prevent It From Happening Again.

The following is an answer to a blog I wrote on another site. One woman took EXCEPTIONAL offense to me, saying that I had no right to offer her advice when I obviously could not handle a similar experience in my own life. Here was my answer to her and everyone else who reads that site:

All of you have heard me offer suggestions based on my own experiences, trials, and tribulations. Never theory.

Someone recently let me know that maybe I’m a fake because I tell everyone else what to do and I’m now having troubles of my own, and it is a shame they would think that way. I don’t think Ive ever TOLD someone what to do, but suggested they try something based on my own experience.

As you all know, without my telling you, there is no sure cure for everything. You know, take this pill and all your troubles will go away forever. Every situation and scenario is different.

Sometimes an experience and the lessons we learned will prevent a reoccurrence; sometimes lessen the impact if it happens again; and sometimes prevent it from ever happening again.

The one true intangible in all of this is the other person. We can do a lot to change/control/alter ourselves. We have very limited control over what is going on with our partner. Their thoughts processes are different. Their interpretations of the very same events may be different.

When it comes down to it, you draw on your own reserves and do the very best you can. Then hope to goodness things work out.

(What I THINK happened is that she needed someone to vent on and I just happened to get in her crosshairs!)

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