Will There Be Laughter in Your Future?

Will There Be Laughter in Your Future?

In the fall of 1988, I had quit my job working out of town.  I drove 300 miles that day and pulled into the driveway to find the front door wide open and the screen door flapping.  I walked in to find the famous furniture lines in the carpet where furniture had once sat.

At least not all the furniture was gone.  She left some of the old stuff that was in bad shape anyway.  The electricity was working, thank goodness.  The water was turned off–bill hadn’t been paid.  I found a couple of buckets and went across the street to the neighbor.  She said it had looked like a fleet of rats running in and out of the house just before I came home trying to get finished!

The next morning, I’m sitting by the living room window just sort of ‘sitting’, when a green trucks pulls up out front.  The man gets out and promptly turns off the electricity–unpaid bill.

I went down to the bank to get any money that might be left and close the account and….overdrawn!

What a fun 24 hours!!!  It got even better, but I think you get the picture, except for just a little bit more.  I had been sending almost all my paychecks home.  And………found the house was foreclosed because of non-payment.

I camped out in my own house until they found out.

Please understand something.  I wasn’t a perfect or bad husband.  I simply did not make enough money for her tastes.

Okay, enough of that, let’s get to the title of this writing–What Will the Future Feel Like?

Yesterday, I attended a ‘thank you’ breakfast for a charity I support.  A place for families to get back on their feet.  The director called later in the day to say thank you for coming.  During our conversation I started laughing pretty hard.

Naturally, I had to tell her this story. I could hardly tell it with a straight voice.  ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL?  Taking a situation like that and realizing what I had overcome, where I’m at in life today, and actually thinking of that particular 24hrs in that light!!

YOU will too.  This is what I want all of you to understand.  One day, assuming you work hard to not become a victim, will have this experience.  You will understand just how strong you are inside.

And YOU are, you know…………STRONG.


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