Questions I Will Ask When Listing Your Home for Sale

Questions I Will Ask When Listing Your Home for Sale.

1.  Are there any liens against your home?  (You might as well be honest with me because I’m going to search and find out).

2.  Are there any pending lawsuits?

3.  Are you completely against selling the home?  I ask this of each partner so as to gauge the ‘possibility’ of one side trying to sabotage the sale.

4.  Are the two of you amicable or barely speaking?

5.  Are there children involved?  If so (and if they are old enough), would you be opposed to including them in the process of going through the paperwork to place the home for sale?

Why do I do this?  I believe (from personal experience) the children will be healthier in the long run if they understand what is happening, rather than be left to their own imaginations which will probably be ten times worse than the real thing.

6.  Have each of you sat down and seriously considered how much revenue you will need to live separately?  I provide a checklist for them.

There are many more questions, but these set the tone.  My quest is to make this as easy a process for you as possible, and getting things on the table immediately is the best way I’ve found.

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