How to Heal Emotional Divorce Scars

How to Heal Emotional Divorce Scars

Emotional scars from a divorce can last a lifetime.  They can remain very deep or just superficial.  A lot of that has everything to do with what we, as individuals, do to make them heal.

Notice I said MAKE them heal.  Yes, I’ve heard the tired old phrase “time heals all wound”.  Guess what?  I don’t want to wait that long!  I’ve been through two divorces, so I’ve learned a couple of things.  For instance:

  • I went on pre-arranged practice dates.  I loved it because there was no pressure on either of us to ‘perform’ or be ‘mistake-free’.
  • I stayed in the home, so I took what furniture was left and rearranged it.  It didn’t matter if I put it in the wrong spot or not.
  • I used to get dressed up, go the bar or restaurant, and leave; on purpose.
  • Stopped watching any TV show having to do with couples fighting or getting divorced.
  • Stopped reading the front page of the newspaper.  It’s all about who killed who; what war is trying to break out in whatever country; political problems; etc.  Too depressing.
  • #1.  This is the one thing I started doing that nursed me back to mental health better than anything.  At night, whenever I would have a bit of consciousness and the dreaded ‘thoughts and memories’ started flooding in, I started getting out of bed.  I might be up for a few minutes or a few hours.  All  know is that it stopped the endless torture of lying in bed and thinking.
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